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Captain Braidy return to the Bigtop

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The Braidy clown has a very picturesque way of making his audience laugh. He likes to climb into a canyon and fly all over the circus tent trying to get to the top, then stamped to the ground. What spring?

Shark Alley

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Help Dr. Hooper bring the ship's supplies to the shore, avoiding the hungry sharks and avoiding the sharp scratches. This online game is a more modern and aquatic version of the classic Frogger.

Dingle Ball

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Odie is the friend dog of Garfield, and loves to play with the ball. Click on it to catch all the balls that Jon throws, and thus will not provoke a malfunction in the house.

Bear Cooking

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Grab your apron and stand behind the bar to serve all meals in record time. Bear Cooking is an addictive online game in which you will become an expert chef.

Space Rock

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If you want to get to work at NASA you have to be very well prepared. With this addictive online game you will practice a series of exercises designed for astronauts and future space cowboys. Hang on without crashing ...

Guru Guru Neko

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Guru Guru set before you a challenge within reach of only the most skilled. Handling a doll of plasticine or of cardboard stone you have to collect all the stars in a circular scene. To help you you can change planes,...

Ninja Katana

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Online game of ninjas in which the first thing that you have to do is to become a samurai warrior. It is a long way to go, with dangers, legendary weapons, shurikens, katanas and idyllic landscapes.

We’re Pirates

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Pirate Captain Jade wants you to join the rest of the buccaneers on your LoveHearts boat. Get ready for the pirate navy and drink rum to bursting with this fun online pirate game!

Adventures of the Dude

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In the adventures of Dude you will find frantic action, shots by a tube and extreme speed. Take a look and tell us what you think!


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Young Padawan, the way to be a difficult Jedi is. With this online game you will learn how to handle a lightsaber, and who knows, you may learn enough to confront Darth Vader.

Oldman Timber Woller

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You are a poor old man with a mission to save the world from the Nazi attack. Unfortunately you do not have superpowers, not even weapons, just with your cane and a few pills and drugs. You dare?

Dad and Me

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Dad n 'Me is a very striking online game, and not only for its colorful scenarios, charismatic characters, but rather for its macabre sense of humor and its visceral way of eliminating enemies. Check it for yourself!

Wolverine MRD Escape

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Get your claws and dispatch enemies in this fun Wolverine online game. You are Wolverine, one of Marvel's top X-Patrol characters, and your mission is to escape from the jail you are in.

Ice Alive

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The water is frozen and penguins are scoundrels. You control one of them and you have to keep them from pushing you into the icy waters of the Arctic. Skid if needed on the ice, do some dribbling, and throw your oppon...

Diver Duck

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The goal of the online game Diver Duck is to collect as much gold as possible within the time limit. The prota, a greedy and selfish duck, is waiting for people to dump coins into the bucket for him to dive into and d...

Havoc Mountain

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The avalanche is coming! More specifically, you, a giant ball of snow that devastates everything you catch ahead, posters, snowmen, and skiers. Well, that's the idea, it's up to you to comply with this frantic online ...

Lagoon Quest

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"Mog has to find his lost friends. Help the nice dolphin to cross the dangerous lake and meet with your friends in this fun and refreshing online game! Watch out for algae, sharks and coral reefs. "

Hive Hero

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You are the hero of the hive, and you have to prevent them from stealing honey. Armed to the thorn with a Gatling machine gun, your job is to eliminate all the drones, wasps and bumblebees that are dizzy by the stage.

Monster Mash

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You are the Godzilla of the 21st century. In this fun online game you have to tear down and demolish all the buildings you can, but without moving down the street, that is, just controlling the monster with its jump (...

Mighty Spidy

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You are the amazing Spider Spidy! To pass of phase you have to hunt and to eat all the flies that have, for that you have to use your web of spider, and all this, in a limit time.

The Revenge of Toxicman

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You are Toxicman, the only human capable of eating oil, oil and non-degradable fuels in general. Now you have touched the sensitive fiber and are ready to clean the planet of chapapote. Ahead!

Super Fish

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In the online game Super Fish you control a very jumping fish. You have to collect everything that shines: stars in the sky with your spectacular jump, treasures sunk deep in the sea, and precious pearls. But watch ou...

Diablo Air Craft

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Diablo Air Craft is a somewhat atypical online game. You control a spaceship that launches rabbits! Your mission is to bring down all the animals and animals that swarm over the surface. Do not be fooled!

Eggy Easter

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Help the Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny to get safely to the city. Featuring a powerful carrot shot and an extraordinary jump, collect as many Easter eggs as you can along the way.


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You drive to Pandam, the most dying panda in the forest. Armed with a rifle, a shotgun and a bazooka, your mission is to eliminate all robot bears to go above levels. Shoot!

Caterpillar Smash

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What a nuisance! The caterpillars have mixed with the termites and in the end have bored your work table. Good thing they left the hammer and mallet intact. Give them strong!

Franky the Fish 2

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Franky already knows the lesson, to eat smaller fish without being snacked. This is your objective, meet him in this online horizontal action game.

Bird Buffet

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Your task is to feed the pelican and keep it alive. There are only two rules: big birds eat little ones, and pelicans have to eat to grow. You know!

Brewer Defender

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Protect the brewery from Hymenoptera's furious attack. For this, you will be using space aircraft with a very powerful reflector shield. Do not leave us without a tantrum!

Wat II Spec Ops

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Kill all the terrorists! You belong to the special operations group of the UAT, and you are trained for such situations. Will you let them get away with it?


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Escape from the crazy robot! In this dynamic online game your task will be to escape the giant robot that follows you. Run or die!


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The tower of the Eye that sees everything is a dark place, dark and above all, very high. Will you be able to dodge all the dangers you will encounter to get to the top?

Metal Armor

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Control a metal robot and help it reach the base. In this online game you will test your nerves of steel in a scenario full of fiery lava.

Batman: The Cobblebot Caper

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This time you control Batman and your mission is to avoid robbing all the banks of Gotham City. Use the batarang and your heavy blows!

Greedy Piñata

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Piñata has stolen the fruit juice from your birthday party. The time has come to recover what is yours!


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Icarus was the son of Daedalus, an engineer architect and inventor. Among other inventions, Daedalus designed the "Divine Wings", a contraption capable of blowing up his son. Use it!

Maple Story

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Collect the gold by giving sword to the ruthless murderous snails. Okay, we've been through the description, but they're really bad !!

Chainsaw the Children

18 Played0 Comments

Have you seen the Texas massacre? In this intrepid online game you will control another madman with his chainsaw while you try to slice all that puts you ahead. Do not forget your leather mask!


19 Played0 Comments

Ahhhhhhgg, bugs! Watch out for the spiders, collect as much trash as you can without the shells hitting you.


61 Played0 Comments

Only get the blue circles for points. Set an incredible record in Contact and make your way on the Top Score list. Hope you success!Take control of the mouse for playing.

Draw a Line

276 Played0 Comments

Help the good guys stay on top and make the other ones fall

Go Robots

184 Played0 Comments

Help the robots get to their bases in this addicting puzzle game!

Be Ready

125 Played0 Comments

Play Be Ready on Cool Addicting Math Games! Save your kingdom! Will you be the hero that will save your queen? How fast will you do it?


217 Played0 Comments

Play Transmorpher on Cool Addicting Math Games. Find the way to escape from laboratory, use your ability to change shape and abilities

Crazy Math

163 Played0 Comments

Sum as fast as you can to beat this crazy game!

I Need Water 2

212 Played0 Comments

Need Water 2 on Cool Addicting Math Games. The creature is very thirsty. Connect the pipes to give him some water.

Moto x3m 3 Cool Math

584 Played0 Comments

Moto X3M 3 Get your motorbike out again! brings you more levels full of obstacles, speed, and stunts. Good luck!

Moto x3m 2 Cool Math

590 Played0 Comments

The sequel of the addictive and challenging motorcycle stunt game Moto X3M 2! New dangerous obstacles and new bikes for upgrades. Have your dose of adrenaline rush and unlock all the achievements and be on top of the ...

Vex 2

606 Played0 Comments

Play Vex 2 on Cool Addicting Math Games. Run, Jump, Climb in this epic platformer!

Binga Cool Math

162 Played0 Comments

Play Binga on Cool Addicting Math Games. A variety puzzle game that might drive you a little nuts. Use you wits and mouse skills to pass each level and make it on the leader-board.

Back In Time

383 Played0 Comments

Play Back in Time on Cool Addicting Math Games. Travel back in time and use the logic in this epic point and click adventure.


244 Played0 Comments

You are the only employee at Gazzoline Filling Station. Your mission is to attend your client quickly to get more money and create the ultimate gas filling station.

Exorbis 2

104 Played0 Comments

Play Exorbis 2 at Cool Addicting Math Games. colorful puzzle game which starts off easy but gets very difficult. Can you get the perfect score on every level? There is also a level editor so you can challenge your fri...

Water Werks

157 Played0 Comments

Play Water Werks on Cool Addicting Math Games. Unique puzzle game where you have to get the blobs to the exit using only running wat.

Time To Park

508 Played0 Comments

Play Time To Park On Cool Addicting Math Games. One of the best parking games online! Try to park the car in different scenarios.

Run 1 Cool Math Game

990 Played0 Comments

Run 1, run, jump and slide to the space tunnel to reach the exit. The first game of the run cool math game series.

Conquer Antartica

358 Played0 Comments

Conquer Antartica. Control the cannon of the penguins to beat the opponent and take control of Antartica.

Whats Inside The Box Cool Math

542 Played0 Comments

What is inside the box. Click on the box and solve puzzles to find what is inside the box.

Stealing The Diamond

1.49K Played0 Comments

Play Stealing the Diamond on Cool Addicting Math Games. Try to steal the diamond based on the choices you make.

Mega Drill

283 Played0 Comments

Play Mega Drill on Cool Addicting Math Games. Drill deep into the earth to gain money and make your the richest miner in the planet.

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